Write an engaging first message

Write an engaging first message
When you have written your dating profile, consider yourself only half finished! In order to be successful, you have to be proactive. Don’t wait for your match to contact you, be daring and make the first move. It’s not as easy as it sounds. You have to make sure that your message gets read, and that the recipient is then interested enough to respond. Here at AmorDating, we can offer you some handy tips when it comes to writing that all-important first message.
Make the subject line interestingPay attention to the subject line of your message as this is the first thing your match will see. We have all tried the traditional subject lines like “hi” or “what’s up?” or “how’s it going?”, so try to avoid these.

A short but sweet first messageDon’t write one generic and boring message and send it to every woman/man you are interested in. Take your time and read her/his profile and send a personal and thoughtful message, something that shows that you are interested in them as a person and not just their profile pictures.

Keep the initial messages short but sweet. You don’t need to recite their entire profile back to them, but show that you have read it and found it interesting and engaging.

Usage of emoticons/acronyms The “everything in moderation” rule applies here. Do not go overboard with text talk and/or using acronyms as some people might not be comfortable with them. Also, you are not writing to your best friend about where to meet for coffee, so use whole words to express your feelings. We are not trying to decipher secret codes here!

"Try to be creative and funny, but no rude jokes!"

Finish with a questionThis may sound uncommon, but finishing with a question actually helps you to engage with your match. The question can be whatever you want it to be. It can relate to something that caught your eye in their profile, a common interest, a favourite holiday destination or simply whether they prefer The Killing or Borgen! Try to be creative and funny, but no rude jokes!

Spell-check is mandatoryBefore you send a message, check it for spelling or grammar mistakes. A message full of errors can suggest that you couldn’t be bothered putting in any effort.

Here are some examples of messages you don’t want to send:

“Hi! You’re so hot.” – No, do not send sexual messages. You can compliment a person in other ways.

“You’ve got great boobs.” – Seriously? No, no and, again, no. It’s always nice to receive compliments, but this one shows that you are only interested in one thing.

Any bad and/or cheesy joke – Sometimes, even a bad joke can make you laugh if it’s told by a friend, but don’t start conversations with one just yet. Save it for when you know the person a little bit better!

“I like your profile. Here’s my number…call me.” – Giving out your phone number without having sent someone a message previously looks as though you’re just trying to get hold of their phone number. Wait until you have begun to get to know the other person before asking for a phone number, address or email!

Now that you know what to write and what to avoid, get your courage up and try to find your match. The AmorDating staff wishes you the best of luck!
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