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AmorDolce.com will find the perfect match for an amazing date!

On traditional dating sites, single people sit around for months writing long letters to each other - just to eventually meet and find out the other person was not exactly what they dreamed about and hoped for. On AmorDolce.com we have found the solution.

At AmorDolce.com you do not have to look between thousands of profiles to find a good date.

- Here, the best contacts are created by using the newest technology.

At AmorDolce.com it is all about values and opinions

A lot of single people find it hard to promote themselves and end up writing a hopeless profile text that nobody wants to read. AtAmorDolce.com it is completely different. Here you will have to relate to a series of questions and then the answers you give helps a search engine find one or more persons who match your own profile.

When our system finds profiles that match your requirements, you will automatically be notified.

Developed by women

At AmorDolce.com you have to define your opinions in a series of statements through an extensive questionnaire.. E.g.; I want to live in a big city or I want more kids. Under each statement there is a horizontal slide that you push to the point where it matches your own opinion. This is measured in percentages and then the search engine matches the profiles that fit your own.

The company behind AmorDolce.com

AmorDolce.com was founded in 2005 by Kira Linderoth and Marianne Hauge Joergensen. Today the web site is run by the company AmorDolce.com ApS, who is situated in Aalborg, Denmark.

AmorDolce.com ApS

Adelgade 12, 1
9000 Aalborg, Denmark
CVR: 33872801

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