What not to do when online dating

What not to do when online dating
There are a lot of tips available when it comes to online dating. Most of them focus on which picture to choose as your profile picture, what to include in your online profile and so on, but you rarely see advice on what NOT to do when online dating. The AmorDating team has come up with some helpful advice for you all. Read the tips below and make sure you correct any mistakes you may have made in your online dating experience so far.
Be honestAlways be honest about your intentions. Make it clear whether you are looking for a hook-up, friendship or a long-term relationship. You wouldn’t like it if someone said they wanted a relationship and you later discovered that what they really wanted was a bit of fun.

Don't use old profile picturesIt's really important to use recent photos as your profile pictures. We’re sure that that picture from high school is just perfect, but that was ten years ago and you’ve changed. Find or take a new flattering photo of yourself that shows how you look now.

People respond better to others when they are honest. Not to mention the fact that when you meet your match in person, they will notice the differences between you now and your old photograph and may start to wonder about all the other things in your profile you may have lied about!

"It’s better to omit a little thing than to outright lie about something. By little things, we don’t mean relationship status! "

Don't exaggerateDo not embellish the truth in order to impress someone. That will only lead to disappointment. If you are unhappy with a certain aspect of your life, you don’t have to post it online, or even lie. Let people know when you have talked a bit first. It’s better to omit a little thing than to outright lie about something. By “little things”, we don’t mean relationship status!

Always be upfront about whether you are single or not. Also, don’t lie about things that are easy to check in person, such as age, height and weight. There is a big difference between being 185cm and 160cm tall. On the subject of little lies and exaggerations, the picture below shows the most common lies told by people in their online profile.

Don’t think the perfect person will find you, make an effortInstead of complaining about the messages you receive from matches you don’t think are appropriate for you, search and message some people yourself. Take matters into your own hands!

When rejecting someone, don’t be rudeThere are right and wrong ways to reject people both in the virtual and real worlds. Be straightforward, but gentle. Sometimes it’s best to thank them for getting in touch and to wish them luck in their search.

Don’t give too little informationIt’s important that you find the right balance between too little and too much information. If you don’t offer enough information in your profile or questionnaire, you might get a broad range of matches. Omitting too much information will hurt your chances of finding a good match. Add a few facts about yourself so people are able to interact with you about similar interests. However, always be aware of giving too much information away.

"Try to be positive and cheerful, but stay true to yourself."

SafetyThis relates not only to giving out information, but also to how you approach dates. When giving away little titbits of your life, you are attempting to paint a particular picture of yourself. Mention that you enjoy sports, particularly that you like to play tennis every weekend, but DO NOT mention where. That is private information that you shouldn’t discuss when first communicating with a match. When it comes to dates, make sure you notify someone (friends or family) about your plans. Tell them where you will be and how long for, and always have a phone with you.

Use friendsYour friends should be involved in the online dating process. They can help you to write your profile by offering advice or proofreading it, they can help to evaluate your online matches and, most importantly, you can let them know your whereabouts when going to meet your match.

Be positiveBeing negative won’t help you in online dating. It’s okay to complain about little things, but do not go on about your work problems, annoying neighbours or family problems. Try to be positive and cheerful, but stay true to yourself.

Avoid using clichés in your profileLong walks on the beach, listening to every kind of music, being equally happy to go out partying and to stay home with a bottle of wine and a good movie – everyone writes this and it’s not good enough. Clichés are clichés because they are true, but they are also boring and do nothing to distinguish you from the hundreds of other people who also like long walks on the beach.

Be a bit more specific when describing your hobbies and interests. Instead of writing that you like “long walks on the beach”, mention a great holiday you had. Nobody loves all kinds of music. Instead, mention a favourite band you’ve heard live or an album that always moves you. Write true and interesting things about yourself that will set you apart.
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